No big deal

15th October 2015

The long awaited “nationwide ceasefire agreement” has finally been signed, on October 15th. Except that it was by no means nationwide, and barely an agreement. So, does this move Burma’s peace process along very much? The hope is that such a process might lead eventually to a resolution of over fifty years’ worth of fighting between the Burman-majority government and the country’s many ethnic-based rebel groups. For a start, the deal was only signed between the government and 8 of the armed groups. Seven of groups...

Welcome to my website

24th August 2015

Greetings! Here you can find out all about my books and articles, including the latest, Blood, Dreams and Gold: The Changing Face of Burma. This was published by Yale University Press in the UK on September 25th 2015, with US publication shortly afterwards. The second edition of my study of Sudan, The Failure and Division of an African state, was published by Yale University Press in the summer of 2016. Find the link here: I will also be posting here blogs and articles about all my areas...