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No big deal


The long awaited “nationwide ceasefire agreement” has finally been signed, on October 15th. Except that it was by no means nationwide, and barely an agreement. So, does this move Burma’s peace process along very much? The hope is that such a process might lead eventually to a resolution of over fifty years’ worth of fighting… Read more »

Video of discussion about Burma at the Frontline Club, London

Richard Cockett - Discussion about Burma at the Frontline Club

To launch my new book, Blood, Dreams and Gold: The Changing Face of Burma, the Frontline Club in London hosted a packed discussion about Burma and the prospects for the upcoming election. You can see a recording of the event here on YouTube:

An old-fashioned purge, of sorts…

Shwe Mann

So Shwe Mann, the man who would be president, has been purged. At a stroke, the immediate political future of Burma has been up-ended, and now, more than ever, there must be real doubts as to whether the country will ever get even a halfway-house’s worth of democracy, let alone a full dose. Shwe Mann… Read more »