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Spot on. Ashley South review of Blood, Dreams and Gold.


I AM posting up here the latest book review of Blood, Dreams and Gold, by Ashley South, in the Journal of Contemporary Asia. Not only is he a great expert on Burma, and particularly the country’s ethnic minority groups such as the Karen, but he also really gets what the book is about and why it… Read more »

The times they are a changing – but who will be in charge?


BY the time I arrive in Yangon on my next trip to Burma in mid-March, we might have a new president of the country.  The new MPs have already taken up their seats in parliament, including the hundreds of eager, curious new representatives from the National League for Democracy (NLD). That will be very interesting,… Read more »

My Burma book launches in Yangon.

Blood, Dreams and Gold: The Changing Face of Burma

  Blood, Dreams and Gold launches in Yangon in mid-March. Getting new books into Burma, let alone organising events around them, is still a bit of a novelty in this fast-changing country, so it’s taken a while…..but finally I am  going out there to talk about the book and some of its themes in the… Read more »