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Greetings! Here you can find out all about my books and articles, including the latest, Blood, Dreams and Gold: The Changing Face of Burma. This is published by Yale University Press in the UK on September 25th, with US publication shortly afterwards.

Check here for launch events. The first is a launch/discussion evening at London’s Frontline Club on September 22nd at 7pm [SOLD OUT]. More events follow in London, and then South-East Asia in October.

Check here for my latest articles and blogs on current affairs in Burma / Myanmar. As people familiar with Burma will know, the next few months could be momentous. There is a landmark general election coming up on November 8th, in which the opposition National League for Democracy could well win a majority of the seats for the first time. Even more astonishingly, the quasi-military government may actually accept the result…

But with Aung San Suu Kyi barred by the constitution from becoming president, there will surely be months of horse-trading between the various factions to divide up the spoils of power before we finally get the composition of the new government and the name of the new president next February or March. It could be a very bumpy, if fascinating, few months. Watch this space!

I will also be posting about my other areas of interest, especially Sudan, but also politics and contemporary affairs in the rest of Africa and South-East Asia, where I worked as a correspondent. I will be writing about British politics and business from my current perch as British Business Editor of The Economist newspaper.