Welcome to my website


Greetings! Here you can find out all about my books and articles, including the latest, Blood, Dreams and Gold: The Changing Face of Burma. This was published by Yale University Press in the UK on September 25th 2015, with US publication shortly afterwards. The second edition of my study of Sudan, The Failure and Division of an African state, was published by Yale University Press in the summer of 2016. Find the link here: https://www.yalebooks.co.uk/display.asp?K=9780300215311

I will also be posting here blogs and articles about all my areas of interest, but particularly Sudan and Myanmar, as well as politics and contemporary affairs in the rest of Africa and South-East Asia, where I worked as a correspondent for eleven years in all. You will also plenty of pieces on human rights and genocide more widely; I am deeply involved in the campaign to seek justice for the Rohingya people. I also write plenty about British politics, culture and Brexit – which now all amount to the same thing. I hope you enjoy my website.

Richard Cockett